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Review: figma 023: Asakura Ryoko

Finally after a long hiatus comes the figma for Asakura Ryoko (朝倉 涼子)  Don’t worry, she won’t stab you… too hard ;)

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A few images I took with my new photobox.  I’m trying to get a better one with lights for use at home, while this one I’ll have stationed at work to snap new pics of stuff I get as I get it.  Enjoy!

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New figmas for 2009!!

Image from a post by gits_sac at  Looks like we’re getting Summer Clothes Haruhi figma and Shikabane-hime figma, and a Strike Witches PVC.  Looks like Haruhi will either come with a bag or is promoting figma school bags.  It also looks like she will come with a digicamera, not to be outdone by Kyon’s camcorder.  Shikabane-hime looks to come with a SMG and  her braids look to be posable as well!  We will defeinitely be keeping you posted!

Returning from the hiatus…

Hey guys.  I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since my last post.  The last figma I reviewed arrived shortly before the holiday rush here at the company I work for, so it’s been very busy.  However, shortly before Christmas, I was on ‘vacation,’ so I could’ve blogged about some of the figmas I’ve gotten since then, and I really wanted to review Alter’s Yagami Hayate which I received during that time as well.  Please accept the above image of Fate in a bikini as a consolation while I prepare to start blogging again.  Thanks for your patience!


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