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The Return of figma Theater

I was so impressed with how Destiny Mikuru came out that I decided to start up the figma Theater again!  I’ve had several ideas running about my head with how to continue and end the current run of The three girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB and just need time to photoshoot and implement it.  Please bear with me as I set it up, I promise it’ll be great!  I think I might have to break out of the 4koma  style though, as the action I’m planning lends more to a comic book style, but I’m going to need to insert backgrounds, so I need to get a green screen so I can do that.  Might need to “hire” a background painter as well ;)  Anyway, enough of me talking, let’s get to the pictures! (image heavy post!) Continue reading ‘The Return of figma Theater’

Destiny Mikuru

An idea I had last night, but I had left my Cheer Girl parts at work. Sticky tack was used to affix the backpack and stand to Mikuru’s back, Cheer Girl Mikuru’s accessory hands to wield Excalibur.

I still think Danny Choo’s is better though, since his uses the MSIA Desiny parts, while I’m using the 1/144 HG Destiny gunpla parts. BUT mine has wings of light! ^o^

Review: figma 034: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Seifuku ver.

Today’s review is another Suzumiya Haruhi, bringing my collection of Haruhi figmas to 4.  Yes, it’s another uniformed Haruhi, but to me, the bonus parts more than make up for the cost. Continue reading ‘Review: figma 034: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Seifuku ver.’

The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 3

Looks like Haruhi is in a pinch! Continue reading ‘The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 3’

The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 2


Last time on figma Theater, Mikuru-chan found something to help Haruhi and Nagato with the upcoming battle against Takamachi Nanoha Continue reading ‘The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 2’

The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 1

Last time on figma theater,  Nagato, Haruhi and Mikuru-chan all found special ‘equipment’ in a hidden closet at North High.  Suddenly, a magician with blue wings and a golden staff swooped down and demanded they give the equipment to her… but what happened to Mikuru-chan? Continue reading ‘The 3 Girls vs. the Ace of the TSAB 1’

Yuuichi-kun’s figma Theater Episode 1

Continue reading ‘Yuuichi-kun’s figma Theater Episode 1′

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