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Review: figma 043: Shamal Knight Armor ver.

After a very long hiatus (due to work being crazy busy over the summer) I’m back with new figma reviews!  I actually have some older ones than the one I review today, but I figure that it’s best to review a figma while it’s new.  I’ll get to the other three figmas I have in due time, probably this weekend when I have more time to take pictures.  Tonight however, is Shamal’s night to shine. She is a Wolkenritter of Yagami Hayate’s and is introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s. She is a support attacker.

Continue reading ‘Review: figma 043: Shamal Knight Armor ver.’


Review: figma 037: Tsuruya-san Culture Festival ver.

Today I review the lovely Tsuruya-san in her yakisoba waitress uniform.  This outfit hails from episode 12 of the anime series named Live Alive (ライブアライブ) in which Tsuruya and Mikuru’s class is running a yakisoba stand.  Tsuruya provided the outfits, naturally, and it does look very good on her, nyoro? Continue reading ‘Review: figma 037: Tsuruya-san Culture Festival ver.’

Review: figma 036: Asahina Mikuru Combat Waitress ver.

Today we review the third Mikuru in the figma series, Combat Waitress Mikuru!  She hails from the first episode of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu) during the movie the SOS団 (SOS Brigade) made for the culture festival. Continue reading ‘Review: figma 036: Asahina Mikuru Combat Waitress ver.’

Review: figma SP 004: Saber Lily

Today I review one of the 2 special edition figmas I own.  That figma is the lovely Saber Lily (セイバー・リリィ.)  Saber Lily hails from the PS2 game Fate/unlimited codes, which will also soon be available on PSP and localized for english speaking audiences.  The figma comes with the Special Edition of the game, but I ordered this figma through eBay, so it did not include the game. Continue reading ‘Review: figma SP 004: Saber Lily’

Review: figma 035: Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.

From what I’ve seen around the net, the figure I have up to review today is Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.  Here we have Hiiragi Kagami from the Lucky Star OAV dressed up as Hatsune Miku. Continue reading ‘Review: figma 035: Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.’

Review: figma 034: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Seifuku ver.

Today’s review is another Suzumiya Haruhi, bringing my collection of Haruhi figmas to 4.  Yes, it’s another uniformed Haruhi, but to me, the bonus parts more than make up for the cost. Continue reading ‘Review: figma 034: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Seifuku ver.’

Double Review: the Cheer Girls: figmas 032 and 033

After a long hiatus, the reviews continue! Today I review Haruhi and Mikuru: Cheer Girl versions!

Continue reading ‘Double Review: the Cheer Girls: figmas 032 and 033’

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