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Hiatus part 2

Hey guys, sorry that I haven’t posted for a long time. Back in November I lost my job and fell into despair (mostly because I had a few figures on PO that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford Y_Y) Needless to say I believe I’m back on my feet (though still jobless ><) and have acquired a few new figmas to the family. I do plan on posting reviews of them and the others I acquired before the job loss, but do not know when that will happen. I’ll keep you guys posted though. Thank you for sticking with me during this tough time in my life ^_^


Review: figma 035: Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.

From what I’ve seen around the net, the figure I have up to review today is Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.  Here we have Hiiragi Kagami from the Lucky Star OAV dressed up as Hatsune Miku. Continue reading ‘Review: figma 035: Hiiragi Kagami Cosplay ver.’

10,000 page views o.O

It seems that during my hiatus I seem to have hit 10,000 page views.  I hope you all don’t think I’m ignoring you by not posting more reviews even though most of you KNOW that I’ve been getting more figures in the past few months.  Just a lot of stupid stuff has been happening in my life, and I’m taking a bit of time to soak it all in.

In figma news, the Culture Festival Tsuruya and Combat Waitress Mikuru figmas are slated to release this friday, and I am putting in a preorder for them tonight.  I have reviews queue’d up for a number of figmas, that if you follow my flickr, you’d know which ones I mean.  One is displayed at the top of this post ^^  I promise to get to them very soon, so please be patient with me!  Thank you, everyone!

Review: figma 022: Takara Miyuki

Today I review the last of the main characters of Lucky Star, Takara Miyuki (高良 みゆき) This glasses wearing beauty is the brains of the outfit, as well as the clumsiest of the four ^^;

Continue reading ‘Review: figma 022: Takara Miyuki’

Double Review: the Hiiragi twins: figmas 012 and 013

You’re in for a treat today. Today I will be reviewing the Hiiragi sisters, Tsukasa and Kagami. Yes, I know you can see Kagami’s pantsu in that picture.

Continue reading ‘Double Review: the Hiiragi twins: figmas 012 and 013’

Review: figma 007: Koizumi Itsuki

Today’s figma review is Koizumi Itsuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu or is it?

Continue reading ‘Review: figma 007: Koizumi Itsuki’

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